Own production of foundry products
Under European and domestic equipment

We make any products under the order from cast iron and steel


The process of manufacturing foundries


The aluminum form of any complexity according to drawings or an example of the customer on the processing center of ChPK (numerical program control) is made.


Preparation of polyfoam forms. The second stage consists of preparation of raw materials – polystyrene, its subsequent foaming, blowing air into the prepared form and baking.


Painting of polyfoam forms by heat-resistant non-stick paint and formation of a bush from them.


Installation of a bush in a pot (a frame for filling with metal) and filling it with sand.


Melting of metal or cast iron.


Filling the crucible with molten metal – the foam melts under the action of high metal temperature and evaporates, and heat-resistant paint retains the desired shape of the future part, where the metal is poured.


Cooling of the crucible, quality control of the product, if desired, its full or partial machining (milling, boring, turning, drilling, etc.) and obtaining the finished product.

Ливарне виробництво
Ливарне виробництво

Amount of work
and speed

  • Powerful furnace for 160 kg of material;
  • Yield of products weighing up to 70 kg per melting;
  • Production speed – only one hour;
  • Up to half a ton of finished products per shift;
  • The maximum dimensions of ready details are 280 * 280 mm;
  • Our products are made of wear-resistant, high-strength, stainless steel or cast iron;
  • Production of products of any complexity according to samples or drawings of the customer;
  • LGM technology (casting on gasified models);
  • Absolutely all products are tested in the product quality control department;
  • We fulfill orders for standard and European agricultural machinery;
  • At the request of the customer we carry out mechanical processing of a product;
  • Flexible system of discounts, individual approach and calculation of the cost to each client (the cost of the order will depend on the complexity of the product, weight, quantity, material (cast iron / steel) and work to be performed on the product (optional)).


Casting on gasified

Ливарне виробництво

Lower equipment costs.

Ливарне виробництво

Fewer technical operations – time savings.

Ливарне виробництво

Reduced number of final finishing operations.

Ливарне виробництво

The amount of production waste is reduced to a minimum.

Ливарне виробництво

Reduced labor costs by 2-4 times.

Ливарне виробництво

Reduced electricity consumption by 2-3 times.

Ливарне виробництво

Reduced costs for auxiliary materials in 3-5 times.

Ливарне виробництво

Protecting the environment from harmful emissions.


It is thanks to these advantages that significant process savings are made, which allows us to please you with attractive prices.


Ливарне виробництво

“Keeping up with the times”

Ливарне виробництво

LGM technology continues to evolve around the world, but many domestic companies continue to use outdated casting methods – more expensive, which require more effort and time.

The introduction of a modern method of LGM casting is hampered by a lack of information and ingrained stereotypes. However, our plant always keeps up with the times.

Ливарне виробництво

The essence of the method is that the mold for casting is sealed around a gasified model of fusible plastic. Most often, dense grades of polyfoam are used for its production. During the gasification of the models, the mold compacted into the crucible is not removed from it, and when pouring the hot melt melts, turns into a gaseous state and evaporates through the mass of the molding mixture. The metal occupies the vacated place, repeating in the smallest details its form and structure of a surface.

Ливарне виробництво

The process of replacing polystyrene with steel makes this technology unique, because in all other technologies there is a preliminary removal of the model from the mold. The absence of this process allows you to pour 100% identical to the shape of the part. Therefore, the best technologies of the XXI century make it possible to improve the production process, while achieving the highest quality and increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian producers in the European market.

Video of the process

To order our casting, you need:

Ливарне виробництво

- provide us with a drawing or sample of the product;

Ливарне виробництво

- specify the required material (cast iron or steel);

Ливарне виробництво

- specify the circulation of the order and the desired production time;

Ливарне виробництво

- inform about the need for further machining

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