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Grain scraper conveyors with a capacity of 5-100 t / h are a continuous device designed to transport various loads, which can be small, granular or dusty. It is used to move grain in agriculture, transport coal, ore, metallurgy, move peat, ash, briquettes, move solid waste at waste sorting plants. in heat energy.

Advantages of our conveyors:
1. Ability to withstand significant overloads (use of the clutch in front of the gearbox).
2. The chain meets all the requirements of the Technical Specifications (breaking force not less than 11 tons).
3. Ability to link to the equipment of different automatic lines.
4. Uniformity of loading and unloading.
5. High resistance to shock loads.
6. Corrosion resistance (priming and painting with quality enamels).
7. Minimal injury to the grain (use of polymer or rubber scrapers).
8. Possibility of use both indoors and outdoors.
9. Complete set with domestic or foreign gear motor at the request of the customer.

– Belt conveyors – a transporting device of continuous action. They are used both in industrial production and in agriculture. Attracted by the simplicity of design and low power consumption. Used to transport both molded and bulk cargo. We manufacture angular, straight conveyors, or with an adjusting angle.

Belt conveyors can be made by roller or non-roller
performance, productivity from 0,5 to 200 t / h. , tape width from 300 to 1000 mm.

– Conveyor rollers and roller supports, which can be made according to the drawing or sketch of the customer.
Roller support – a metal structure designed for installation of rollers on belt conveyors (conveyors). The roller support provides automatic centering of the top and bottom part of a conveyor belt. It is made with a different angle of inclination of lateral rollers of 0-60 gr., And also special purpose – centering suspended.
The design of our roller supports excludes a possibility of falling out of a roller from an arm and injury of a tape by roller supports at a lateral east of a tape. There may be conveyors. The number of roller bearings is calculated individually for each type of load and productivity.

All equipment is subject to state compensation in the amount of 25-40%

Скорость движения ленты


Ширина ленты

300-1000 мм

Производительность (по зерну)

1-1000 т/ год.

Длина конвейера

3-1000 м


винтовой, рамный вертикальный

Привод (на выбор)

моторедуктор, редуктор + двигатель


220/380, 380/660 В

Вид роликоопоры

жолобчатий, прямая

Угол наклона

0-60 гр.

Диаметр роликов

57-159 мм

Диаметр приводного барабана

127-730 мм

Диаметр натяжного барабана

127-630 мм

Диаметр отклоняющего барабана

127-630 мм

Длина барабанов

300-2300 мм



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