Loader of seeders ZS-30M (modernized)

Loader of seeders ZS-30M (modernized)

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36 000 ГРН



– Self-pickup
– Delivery by our transport
– Delivery by any transport company


12 months


– Non-cash account
* with VAT
* with VAT + state compensation
* on the Single Tax
– Cash account

Loader of seeders ZS-30M (modernized)

– Complete set (immediately ready for installation and use);
– It is completed with boards directly under the equipment of the customer (according to the sketch or the sizes of the customer);
– High-quality hydraulic equipment;
– Extended auger for maximum loading height.

The seeder loader is a unit that is designed to load the seed into the seeders. It can also be used to load mineral fertilizers.

The delivery set of the loader includes:
– sliding gate-half board;
– unloading auger (4.5 m);
– pipe (casing) of the auger;
– guide corrugation;
– hydraulic cylinder (for raising and lowering the auger);
– hydraulic distributor;
– a complete set of hydraulic hoses, fittings and hardware.

Quality guarantee – 1 year.

All equipment is subject to state compensation in the amount of 25-40%

* Производительность

від 15 до 30 т/год

* Максимальная высота погрузки

4,33 м

* Максимальная дальность нагрузки

2,79 м

* Диаметр выгрузного шнека

160 мм

* Обслуживающий персонал

1 (водій ТЗ)

* Масса агрегата  

200 кг

Loader of seeders ZS-30M (modernized)


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