Section on a rotary harrow

Section on a rotary harrow

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Sections on the rotary harrow Br-6 and BR-3.

Rotary harrow (hoe) – agricultural equipment for surface tillage. It is used to destroy (swell) the surface crust of the earth, remove filamentous weeds without damaging cultivated plants.

The harrow consists of a frame, a trailer, support wheels, a protective screen and working sections.

The rotary harrow section is the main element of the unit, on which two working bodies, in the form of a fifteen star, are installed through the balancer system.

The harrow rack is made of a solid sheet of metal, 16 mm thick, without bending and welding, which increases the strength of the structure and reduces the risk of damage to equipment.

The working body of the rotary harrow is designed in such a way as to minimize the preparation and adjustment of equipment for work, does not require lubrication, adjustment. The star of the harrow section is fitted with a maintenance-free double-row bearing 3303 2RS ​​(Bulgaria), which has performed well even in difficult conditions, when treating clay and permafrost soils.

Each section of the rotary harrow is equipped with two special springs having three positions of installation for exact adjustment of depth of cultivation from 3 to 7 cm.

Fifteen teeth are attached to each sprocket with special, strong, bolted joints. Harrow teeth are made of steel 45, by hot stamping. This method of manufacturing allows not to carry out additional heat treatment, as the surface hardness of the part is not less than 30-30HRC. The tooth of the working body of the rotary harrow can withstand high shock loads without damage, chips, fractures.

During the work of the hoe, a specially designed shape of the tooth allows you to destroy up to 100% of filamentous weeds, while the output of the earth is a micro-explosion and the soil is saturated with air. Nitrogen contained in the air accumulates and is absorbed by plants, which promotes their development. This technology allows you to do without nitrogen fertilizers, which will save you money and time.


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