ZM-60U self-propelled grain thrower

ZM-60U self-propelled grain thrower

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130 000 ГРН

Артикул 102000102 Категория


– Self-pickup
– Delivery by our transport
– Delivery by any transport company


12 months


– Non-cash account
* with VAT
* with VAT + state compensation
* on the Single Tax
– Cash account

ZM-60U self-propelled grain thrower

– Load a grain truck of any height;
– Increased productivity and throwing range thanks to the tape with a chevron (straight and Christmas tree);
– Increased maneuverability and stability due to the increased wheels with a diameter of 500 mm and double forward travel;
– A unique feature of the design – the frame, raised by 50 cm, ensures the continuity of the process of loading grain into the machine, equal distribution of grain when loading the warehouse, the formation of flanges after two passes of the trimmer;
– It is possible to complete with various reducers of the course (standard, with a differential, the motor-reducer-variator) and a pneumatic stroke.

  • Extended service life thanks to the additional bearing case for the strengthened power reducer;
  • Increased productivity is provided by the modernized trimmer, the strengthened chain of conveyors and a tape with a surfacing 400 mm wide;
  • Throws grain to a distance of up to 20m and provides a folding height of up to 8m.
  • The delivery set includes the technical passport and the quality certificate;
  • Twenty-five meters of cable, spare box.
  • Warranty – 1 year. Own delivery.

All equipment is subject to state compensation in the amount of 25-40%

ZM-60U self-propelled grain thrower

* Продуктивність за час чистої роботи, т/год   


* Потужність, кВТ


* Висота завантаження

* Дальність завантаження


* Габаритні розміри, мм :


6 650


4 740


3 720

* з тримером, повернутим  на 90°:


3 800


5 845


3 360

* Маса,кг

1 200

ZM-60U self-propelled grain thrower


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