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Purchase of used equipment

Purchase of used equipment

The Zavod Moroza company offers customers a new Trade-in service, in the framework of which an agricultural organization, a farm, gives its old equipment to the seller as a credit, and in return acquires a new one at a discount. The Trade-in contract allows you to update the fleet of outdated agricultural machinery in a short period of time.

Get rid of old equipment and get new
on favorable terms with Trade-in from Zavod Moroza

The Trade-in service is designed to make the process of selling old equipment fast, safe, and to simplify the purchase of new generation equipment as much as possible, protecting buyers from all risks that may arise during self-sale. This opens up new opportunities for agricultural producers who are expanding their production, implementing new technologies or replacing equipment, even if at that moment they do not have enough funds.

Trade-in program of Zavod Moroza company will help your organization significantly reduce the financial burden when purchasing new or refurbished agricultural machinery.  With us, you have a choice of 3 options:

  1. Buy new equipment from our catalog at a discount.
  2. Buy used equipment from our assortment.
  3. Sell quickly and expensively your agricultural machinery


BUYOUT on an ongoing basis. We buy your used agricultural machinery of almost all manufacturers.
Send your photo on Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram to  ☎️ +380 50 450 91 55 or fill out and send the form below, where you indicate your contact details and in the comment, describe the details of your vehicle (name, year of manufacture, condition, etc.)

With us you get the opportunity to:

  • Buy new equipment from our catalog at a discount.
  • Sell your agricultural machinery quickly and expensively.
  • Get the best price for your equipment.

Zavod Moroza is looking forward to your suggestions!

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