Modern manufacturer
of agricultural machinery


Agriculture is one of the oldest and most important human activities. The earth has long fed man, but requires proper care. Primitive society used sticks and other primitive equipment for agriculture. Nowadays, buying agricultural machinery in Ukraine means automating the process.

Zavod Moroza LLC is a modern manufacturer of equipment with extensive professional experience. The sale of agricultural machinery in Ukraine is carried out by many companies. In this variety it is very easy to make a mistake and buy equipment from an unreliable supplier. Before working with a company, ask about the guarantees for the product.

Our company has been manufacturing and selling agricultural machinery since 2006, constantly improving our production, introducing the latest technologies. During this time, hundreds and even thousands of satisfied customers have passed through us. Our products are the embodiment of accuracy, reliability and a guarantee of successful work. Having bought agricultural equipment from us, you will not have to doubt its quality. Our friendly and qualified staff will always be happy to help you with useful advice and even provide a discount.

The company sells equipment of its own production. Grain throwers with a capacity of 60-120 tons per hour, heap cleaners, grain hoppers, with a capacity of 5 to 100 t / h, as well as equipment for them, scraper conveyors, designed for horizontal and inclined to 60º transportation of grain and its products with a capacity of up to 150 t / h, conveyor rollers and roller supports, feeders, tractor trailers four-ton and six-ton. We also have a foundry production, which allows you to make your own quality spare parts for our equipment.

For the production of our products we use raw materials supplied only by the largest companies for the production of rolled metal. Our equipment is completed only with the highest quality materials of the Ukrainian and foreign producers. All raw materials used in the manufacture of equipment have quality certificates. Unlike other Ukrainian manufacturers, our products are manufactured on high-tech equipment, in compliance with production technology that ensures compliance with European standards.

“We are not standing still,” said Serhiy Moroz, the company’s founder. – We are constantly improving our products. We invest 95% of our earnings in the development of production. Seasonal demand can not catch us by surprise, because we work all year round, working in a warehouse. And we meet the season in full force, instantly responding to customer requests.