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The future of Ukraine lies in the agricultural sector of the economy

The future of Ukraine lies in the agricultural sector of the economy

The future of Ukraine is in the agricultural sector of the economy. All farmers and farmers are interested in the efficient use of each hectare of land to make a significant profit from it. And to achieve high results, to reach a qualitatively new level, it is worth paying attention to innovative modern agricultural machinery for tillage, harvesting and processing.

Instead of producing outdated developments of the domestic agro-industrial complex, the specialists of "Zavod Moroza" find the best solutions to bring them to the standards of modern agricultural production. High-quality materials are used for the manufacture of equipment, which guarantees reliable operation during its operation in the field and current.

Farmers are offered a rotary hydraulic harrow BR-6G, which is advantageous to use for harrowing crops of grain, row and industrial crops in before and after germination. It ensures the destruction of the surface crust on the soil and its high-quality mulching, which means moisture storage. When treated with such a harrow, weeds are destroyed at the stage of filamentous seedlings. By loosening the soil and injecting air into it, which promotes plant development, you can do without nitrogen fertilizers and move to environmentally friendly cultivation of crops without herbicides. Cultivated plants are minimally damaged, while weeds are destroyed as much as possible - from 95 to 100%.