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Feeder KTU-10A

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The KTU-10A feeder is intended for distribution of forage to cattle on large farms. The functions of this unit include:
transports and distributes (according to the norm determined by the farmer) the crushed forages and forage mixes to animals;
transports the crushed green mass from the field to the place of harvesting;
dosed feeds crushed feed to feed storage units.
The KTU-10A feeder is quite productive equipment. Its lifting properties are up to 4 tons. The tractor can move at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. The capacity is 10 cubic meters.
The unit can distribute feed to one or both sides - according to your desire and need.
The equipment is a spring trailer with pneumatic wheels. The dispensing device includes beaters and two conveyors (transverse, which unloads the feed mass, and longitudinal - additional).
The feed rate is set and regulated by the farmer independently. It is regulated by the value of the angle of the rotary shaft, in other words - the speed of the unloading conveyor. The issuance rate can range from 5.2 to 72 kilograms per meter of feeder length.
Length, mm 5830
Width, mm 2390
Height, mm 1940
Load capacity, Kg 4000
Height with overhead boards 2470
Platform area, m² 9,45
Maximum speed, km/h 35
Trailer weight (without side extension) 2200
Internal platforms
Length, mm 4080
Width, mm 2220
Height(with main boards), mm 620
Height(with overhead boards), mm 1150

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