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Tractor trailers are mechanical equipment for the transportation of various goods. In agriculture, trailing devices are used to transport feed for birds and animals, grain and industrial crops, equipment and fertilizers.

What tractor trailers can be bought in Ukraine

All equipment is divided into 2 basic categories - trailers and semi-trailers. A distinctive feature in the distribution of the load between the axles of the trailer and the tractor (tractors, trucks).

● Trailers, as independent solutions, evenly distribute the load on their own chassis. Trailed equipment is characterized by increased stability, but poor maneuverability.

● Semi-trailers are aimed at even distribution of weight between the undercarriage of the tractor and the mechanical towing vehicle. Tractor semi-trailers are easy to operate, but not adapted to self-sustainability content.

By functional features, tractor trailers can be bought with one, two or three axles. Uniaxial equipment generally belongs to the semi-trailer category. Feature of trailers with one axle in an arbitrary roll of cargo, if necessary. All two-axle trailers and semi-trailers have forced unloading due to special mechanical devices. Three-axle trailers demonstrate increased payload capacity.

What are tractor trailers - types, equipment, price

By body type, all trailers are divided into flatbed and tipper models. The difference is in design features. Flatbed trailers have folding sides, and dumping of cargo is carried out manually or using mechanized equipment. Tipper trailers are equipped with hydraulics. The price of tractor trailers in this design is higher, but labor costs for unloading are reduced to zero.

Trailers and semi-trailers are divided into the following types according to their purpose:

● For dry fractions.

● For the use of liquids (or warehouses on a liquid basis).

● For dispensing feed.

● Lengths.

Let's just go straight to the tractor hairstyles with mechanisms, which expand the functionality. Tse can be used for sewing equipment (for example, sivalok). Abo possession for transferring grain.

 Decently buy tractor hairstyles - best price

It is easy to choose towing devices for agricultural machinery on the Ukrainian market. Based on technical characteristics and functionality, you can select mechanical equipment for any universal or narrowly focused tasks. Considering that the main indicator for most buyers is the price of trailers, it is better to immediately contact Ukrainian manufacturers.

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