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Rotary harrow BR-6

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The BR-6 rotary harrow is intended for full and interrow cultivation of the soil on which all types of cultures germinate: grain, bean, cereal, etc. in the pre-emergence and post-emergence period in order to:

- Destruction of ice crust.

- Pre-sowing soil preparation.

- Destruction of the surface crust on the soil to a depth of 2 to 10 cm, as well as high-quality mulching.

- Weed control at the stage of filamentous seedlings.

- Loosening the soil and saturating it with moisture and air (the principle of aeration by micro-explosion technology to saturate the soil with nitrogen).

Due to the correctly calculated shape of the teeth of the impeller of the harrow and their number, the maximum loosening of the soil layer is achieved. This reduces the resistance of the unit, which in turn reduces fuel consumption per hectare.

A feature of this BR-6 rotary harrow is the possibility of harrowing both before and after the emergence of seedlings. The harrow treats even the heaviest soils with a thick crust and lots of weeds. Its frame is made of solid pipe, which increases the strength of the structure by 4 times. The working bodies are made of stamped steel of class 45L, which has high wear resistance and excellent properties, which is relevant in the control of weeds.

When the tractor begins to move, the wheels of the hoe also begin to rotate, while their teeth sink into the ground to a depth of 2-7 cm, destroying the surface crust. Due to the special design of the tooth, when it comes out of the ground there is a micro-explosion, due to which air is injected into the soil. Nitrogen contained in the air enters the soil and is absorbed by plants, which promotes their development. This technology allows you to do without nitrogen fertilizers and move to environmentally friendly herbicide-free cultivation.

In addition, this type of harrowing creates an excellent background for the initial development of the root and other systems of the plant, mulches the surface layer of the earth and destroys the soil crust, while retaining moisture.

An important aspect when using a rotary harrow BR-6 is the fact that the damage to crops from its use is not more than 0.8-1%. For example, the damage from the use of other types of harrows is at least 10-15%. It should be noted that the use of rotary harrows destroys from 95% to 100% of weeds at the stage of the thread. It is also important that this type of technique is used at those stages of plant growth (corn 2-3 leaves), when it is impossible to use tooth harrows, which allows to achieve an additional positive effect.

The design of the BR-6 rotary harrow is collapsible, so if necessary, it is possible to change its individual elements. Unlike cultivators, a train-harrow, the rotary harrow is not afraid of a damp soil - it will not stick to anything and become clogged.

The speed of the device during tillage is 15-25 km / h, and the width of capture and depth of tillage is 6 m and 2-10 cm, respectively. The high frame provides high-quality tillage at later stages of plant growth.

The activity of the rotary harrow BR-6 has a positive effect on planted crops:

uniform saturation of the soil with oxygen and moisture;

strengthening and accelerating plant growth.


a wide range of work performed;

high speed;

great capture of the cultivated soil;

durability and reliability in operation thanks to use of wearproof materials.

The use of rotary harrow BR-6 creates ideal conditions for plant growth and passage through the field of other agricultural machinery.

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