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Rotary harrow BR-3
Rotary harrow BR-3

150 000 грн.

Rotary harrow BR-6
Rotary harrow BR-6

185 000 грн.

Rotary harrow BR-6G
Rotary harrow BR-6G

225 000 грн.

Skating rink shredder KP-6
Skating rink shredder KP-6

250 000 грн.

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Land cultivation is a process in agriculture that is designed to mechanically cultivate the soil. It helps to increase land fertility, create conditions for the development and growth of plants. Types of land management include:

• Plowing.

• Deep weakening.

• Growing.

• Peeling.

• Rolling.

• Milling.

• Cheeseling.


What equipment can be bought for land management in Ukraine


Initially, two types of soil cultivation can be distinguished - basic and surface. You can work with the ground by hand or use mechanical equipment. To maintain large areas of agricultural land, it is better to purchase professional equipment for land cultivation:

• Harrow

• Rink.

• Cultivator.

• Plow.

• Plowing machine.


Each type of agricultural machinery has a number of features that are responsible for functionality. There is equipment for highly specialized tasks and universal solutions. The choice of the buyer is individual and in most cases depends on the financial capabilities of the farmer. The price of cultivating land has a greater impact on the final result.


What is profitable to buy for land cultivation - the lowest price


When it comes to financial costs, the buyer is trying to find a one-stop solution. And there is a way out. The first type of equipment prepares the soil, the second type - squeezes the remnants of crops after harvesting and levels the ground.

• Harrow. It is used for harrowing the soil in the periods before and after the raising of grain or industrial crops. The process can include: breaking up the bark on the soil surface, killing weeds, and aeration (loosening the soil to saturate it with oxygen and nitrogen).

• Roller-shredder. Universal agricultural machinery has a wide range of functions. In addition to grounding the stems and rhizomes of plants, the roller can enrich the soil with organic matter, destroy weeds, and mulch the soil.


Where is the best place to buy equipment for land management at the lowest price


The range of products for land cultivation in Ukraine is quite large. It is convenient to choose equipment not only at a favorable price, but also to find an individual solution to narrow problems. Dozens of manufacturers from different parts of the world are trying to attract buyers with their products.


It is better to give the choice to Ukrainian brands. Since all land cultivation equipment must be suitable for soil storage in Ukraine. In many regions, black soil. Asian, European and American equipment is designed for less viscous warehouses. And this can create problems for the farmer. If you want to buy agricultural machinery for cultivating the land - give preference to the products of Zavod Moroz LLC.


The Ukrainian company has tremendous experience in the production of agricultural machinery. For all types of products, the manufacturer has spare parts and repair kits. It is necessary to expand the functionality of the equipment - this is easy to do by contacting the manufacturer directly. And retail and wholesale buyers are always waiting for special price offers.