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Tractor tractor dump two-axle four-ton 2PTS-6

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- The strengthened axles of a running gear, the strengthened profile of a frame of the trailer provide big loading capacity, long service life and reliability of equipment;

- The most effective use of equipment due to the extended platform and the increased boards;

- The capacious platform which is overturned on three parties at an angle of 50 degrees allows to use fully loading capacity of the trailer.

If you choose a reliable, powerful and unpretentious dump trailer, the 2PTS-6 tractor trailer is a great choice. It allows you to transport agricultural products or other materials, including bulk; designed for any type of road (as well as for off-road and field conditions). Versatility and the ability to use in different conditions makes this technique truly indispensable.

Loading capacity - 6 tons. The 2PTS-6 trailer is characterized by the extended platform and the increased boards that allows to use equipment as much as possible effectively and to distribute cargo evenly.

The roomy platform, which overturns on three sides at an angle of 50º, allows you to fully use the load capacity of the trailer. The design of the 2PTS-6 dump truck trailer and its brake system ensure its reliable operation.

The 2PTS-6 design includes a platform, a set of boards and the chassis on which, actually, the platform is mounted. The latter consists of a frame, two axles, a pneumatic brake system, unloading electrical equipment, and a rotary device. The wheels on the front axle are equipped with a specialized pneumatic brake system.

Drawbar length, mm 2100
Length, mm 4500
Width, mm 2300
Height, mm 1380
Load capacity, Kg 6000
Height with overhead boards 2550
Platform area, m² 10,3
Maximum speed, km/h 40
Trailer weight (without side extension) 2600
Internal platforms
Length, mm 4080
Width, mm 2220
Height(with main boards), mm 620
Height(with overhead boards), mm 1150

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