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Self-propelled grain thrower ZMB-120U

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The ZMB-120U grain loader drives itself to the loading location;

the hopper of the grain thrower is lowered into the working position and rests on the surface of the warehouse;

a car, loader or tractor with grain drives up to the hopper of the grain thrower;

grain from a car, trailer or bucket is poured into the ZMB-120U hopper;

the conveyor of the grain thrower loads the grain from the hopper into the trimmer, which ejects it through a special guide pipe to a height of up to 10 meters and up to 25 meters in length;

The grain flying out of the trimmer pipe is sent to a truck, trailer, grain carrier, wagon, container and other transport or is stacked in piles up to 10 meters high.

The productivity of the ZMB-120U grain thrower with a hopper is up to 120 tons of grain per hour, which is twice the productivity of the ZM-60 grain thrower.

Advantages of the ZMB-120U grain hopper loader (reinforced)

can be used in ports, railways, grain warehouses and on open currents;

ensures accurate and fast loading, creation of edges;

accelerates the process of unloading vehicles and simultaneous storage of grain material.

Technical data of the ZMB-120U grain loader

Productivity up to 130 t/h (nominal -120 t/h)

Throwing height - 10 m

Range - 25 m

Dimensions of the bunker - 3200/1520/870 mm.

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