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The level of mechanization in agricultural production is increasing every year. This is required by modern conditions of effective management. Engineering companies and firms strive to produce machines that can significantly reduce labor-intensive processes. This also applies to grain loading equipment, in the manufacture of which the team of LLC "Moroza Plant" has extensive experience, where, thanks to an integrated engineering solution, its optimal options have been developed for the most demanding consumers.


For the needs of farmers, the following products are sold here:

Еlf-propelled grain thrower ZM-60U


Self-propelled grain thrower ZM-90U


Self-propelled grain thrower ZM-90U with trimmer rotation by 270 degrees


Self-propelled grain thrower ZM-120U


These versatile devices are indispensable during a busy period of harvesting in the agro-industrial complex, when a clear organization is required with a continuous cycle of work.

Grain throwers of all modifications of various capacities (from 60 to 120 tons per hour) are reliable in operation, because they are manufactured at an enterprise equipped with modern equipment using the highest quality materials. There is a strict control over the observance of technology, therefore there are no claims or complaints from customers. And "Moroz Plant" has a lot of positive reviews about grain loaders, which are certified and fully comply with technical conditions.

The supplier provides the customer with its own delivery of equipment (along with a data sheet, quality certificate, 25 m of cable, spare parts and tools).


The official guarantee of the products sold by Moroz Plant LLC is one year. Post-warranty support is also provided. Also, all equipment is subject to state compensation in the amount of 25-40%.