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Elevator equipment


109 877 грн.


97 988 грн.

Auger loader
Auger loader

39 988 грн.

Auger, Grain auger
Auger, Grain auger

399 грн.

Belt conveyor
Belt conveyor

1 989 грн.

Belt conveyor (1661892369)
Belt conveyor (1661893946)
Belt conveyor - Belt conveyors
BKNL-65 GOST 20-85
BKNL-65 GOST 20-85

488 грн.

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Elevator equipment is a high-tech agricultural machinery designed for processing and proper storage of the harvested crop from the fields. The list of equipment may include devices that promote the ripening of cereals or bring them to the required state.


What can you buy elevator equipment in Ukraine


All types of products can be divided into 2 main categories - stationary elevator equipment and mechanisms for working with agricultural crops. The first group includes:


• Repositories.

• Dryers.

• Silo tanks.

• Towers for working purposes.


The second category of products includes agricultural machinery capable of performing certain actions with cereals:


• Noria. A variety of kovs conveyors that can lift bulk materials to great heights quickly and efficiently. Noria is an indispensable equipment for elevators in Ukraine, as all other methods are laborious and expensive.

• Grain augers. A simple mechanized device is used inside the storage mechanism for the harvested crop. Some types of mechanisms are capable of carrying grain loads into the body of wagons or in train wagons.

• Transporter. It is simple and easy to use for moving grain on demand. The special feature of the conveyors in their functionality is that they can be used to vibrate the entire transport system in the middle of the elevator.


What is more beautiful to buy an elevatorne possession for business

Zupinyak buyers of the price of agricultural technology. Bagato agrarian vvazayut, scho pratsyuvati on elevator vigidnish without storing technical problems. Tsya pomilka is often made to unacceptable inheritance. For example, the workers with the help of mensh effectively shift the grain to the log, yak shvidko pisutsya.

Don't want to have a high level of ownership, but in the industry there is a miraculous return on investment. Moreover, the amortization of possession will take a couple of rockets, and not ten years. The purchase price is shown at once:

• Economy on electricity. So, a great part of the technology is pratsyuє on motors, but the stink is not so abundant. With robotic elevator possession, no illumination is required.

• Visoka efficiency in robots. Silgosptechnika is easy to integrate with oneself, adjust and manage. It is possible to navіt zrobiti so, for the servants didn’t use human strength.


Where is it profitable to buy elevator equipment - the best price

The Ukrainian market is rich in offers of domestic and imported production. We decided to buy elevator equipment at the lowest price and we dream of impeccable quality - trust the Frost Plant brand. The company produces agricultural machinery for the domestic market of Ukraine. The peculiarity of the manufacturer is the availability of equipment demanded by farmers and at a convenient price.

Virobnik silgosptekhnіki proponnenya for small business and agricultural companies. The skin buyer checks special offers and views for partnership. Trust the Ukrainian brand, which is a work for the benefit of the Ukrainian industry, and the state of the store.