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Grain cleaning machines are agricultural machines for cleaning grain. The technique can sort grain according to certain criteria:


• Physical dimensions.

• Form.

• Density.

• Color.

• Surface roughness.

• Aerodynamic properties.

• Electrophysical indicators.

• What grain cleaning equipment can be bought in Ukraine.


The harvested crop contains a large percentage of various impurities. And to remove them, you need a certain technique. Considering that grain crops differ in size, weight and other physical properties, it is necessary to select and buy grain cleaning equipment that meets all the needs of an agronomist. To simplify the task, manufacturers adhere to two basic criteria - the principle of operation of the equipment and its purpose.


Types of equipment for cleaning grain - the principle of operation:


Sorting hill. The mechanism selects grain according to its shape and roughness level.


Sieve (device with a sieve). The crop is selected by size and shape.


Trier. The selection takes place along the length of the grain.


Pneumatic system. The yield is determined by aerodynamic performance.


Separators (magnetic and electromagnetic). Eliminate impurities in the form of magnetic dust.


Sorting table. Divide the Harvest according to the shape, weight, surface quality of the grain.


The listed types can be used as independent solutions, or combined with each other. It all depends on the end result that the consumer wants to get, deciding to order grain cleaning equipment from the seller.


Types of agricultural machines by purpose:


Technique for primary cleaning. It is used at the stage of harvesting. Rough cleaning helps to get rid of debris, grain heaps and other impurities that have a large texture.


Versatile technology. The most popular equipment in Ukraine. The machine is able to quickly and efficiently remove all kinds of debris from the grain mass.


Special grain cleaning machines. They are considered the most productive in cleaning the crop from impurities. The weak point in this technique is the price. But the equipment is able to give additional functionality - to perform calibration and sorting of grain crops.


Where is it profitable to buy grain cleaning equipment - the best price


The Ukrainian agricultural machinery market is rich in offers. Most of the equipment is represented by well-known foreign brands and promises high efficiency in grain cleaning. But here it is necessary to take into account some factors that sellers are silent about. For example, equipment for the American market is very expensive to maintain. And European machines target GMO crops.


In Ukraine, it is better to give preference to domestic brands that produce agricultural machinery for the domestic market. If you want to buy grain cleaning equipment - give preference to the products of LLC Moroz Plant. The equipment is designed to clean all grain crops grown on Ukrainian lands. The efficiency of all grain cleaning machines is guaranteed. As well as the availability of spare parts, assemblies and mechanisms for productive cleaning of the crop from impurities.





 All farmers who grow crops on large areas face the problem of grain cleaning. Indeed, during harvesting, various impurities enter the grain mass: weeds, pieces of soil and insects, random objects, that is, unwanted components of the grain.


For its effective cleaning, various methods and technological processes are used. It is the grain cleaning equipment of Zavod Moroza LLC that provides high quality for a wide range of post-harvest processing.


For 15 years of work in the field of mechanical engineering, a solid experience has been accumulated here. According to feedback from customers and buyers, machines from this supplier that meet all modern requirements and comply with European standards work reliably in agricultural enterprises of Ukraine. For their manufacture, as well as spare parts for them, only materials with quality certificates are used.



To clean the grain mass, the following operating principles of the mechanisms are used:


On the sorting hump, grain is selected according to the shape and level of roughness.


 Selection by grain length takes place on a trier.


The aerodynamic characteristics of the grain mass are determined by the pneumatic system.

Two types of separators remove magnetic dust.


According to the shape, weight, quality of the grain surface, the weight entering the cleaning is divided on the sorting table.


Several types of agricultural machines are produced at the Frost Plant.


Firstly, they are intended for primary cleaning at the harvesting stage. They carry out a rough cleaning of the grain heap from debris and other impurities with a large texture.


 Secondly, the popular universal equipment that quickly and efficiently removes all kinds of debris from the grain mass.


Thirdly, special grain cleaning machines are the most productive for cleaning the crop from impurities. This is quite expensive equipment, but in addition to high-quality cleaning, it also performs calibration and sorting of grain crops.



These are machines of our own design, factory innovative engineering solutions: self-propelled cleaning machine SOM-30M (thrower) and stationary cleaning machine SOM-60K (calibration). Thus, the grain is brought to a condition that meets the requirements of its use for food purposes or for seeds.


Studying consumer demand in the agricultural sector of the economy, the specialists of the "Moroz Plant" are constantly improving the process of grain cleaning through an integrated approach to the manufacture of equipment. The products of Zavod Moroza LLC are reliable and highly efficient. Do not even doubt its quality - choose better!